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function calculate() {
A = document.frmOne.txtMinutesNumber.value
B = document.frmOne.txtSecondsNumber.value
W = document.frmOne.txtWordsNumber.value
A = Number(A)
B = Number(B)
W = Number(W)
C = ((W/((A * 60) + (B)))*60)
document.frmOne.txtFourthNumber.value = C
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<div style="font-size: x-large;">
<p>If you are here, you are reading books other than Easystarts. If you are able to read Easystarts at 200 words a minute, you should then discover which level is best for you. </div>
<div style="font-size: large;">
<ul type="circle">
    <li><b>Over 100 wpm</b>- Too easy! Move up one level!</li>
    <li><b>80 to 100 wpm</b> - Just right! Keep reading these until your speed increases!</li>
    <li><b>Under 80 wpm</b> - Too hard! Move down to a level where you can read between 80 and 100 wpm</li>
<div style="font-size: x-large;">
First, determine the number of words in your book and enter that into the space marked xxx. To find the number of words, you can either use the orange handbook or check out the PUK website which has word counts for many books.
Then click on the timer and begin reading. When you finish, click on stop and write the time in the boxes marked min and sec. Then, click on the button to get your reading speed.</div>
          <FORM NAME = frmOne>
            <INPUT TYPE = Text NAME = txtMinutesNumber SIZE = 5 style="font-size:xx-large;" value ="min">
           <font size="28">:</font>
            <INPUT TYPE = Text NAME = txtSecondsNumber SIZE = 5 style="font-size:xx-large;" value ="sec">
            <P> Total:
              <INPUT TYPE = Text NAME = txtWordsNumber SIZE = 5 style="font-size:xx-large;" value = "xxx">
  <P> WPM:
              <INPUT TYPE = Text NAME = txtFourthNumber SIZE = 5 style="font-size:xx-large;" value = "">
              <Input Type = Button NAME = b1 style="font-size:xx-large;" VALUE = "Get Your Reading Speed" onClick = calculate()>