The Glass Castle: Pages 171-198
Part 1. Initial Response
Write your first reaction to the pages you read. Do not summarize what happened. Focus on: What did you like? What surprised you? What reminded you of your childhood? What seemed different from your upbringing? Did anything make you smile? Did anything make you sad?
Length: 150-200 words
Part 2. Important Word
Choose one important word from the pages that were assigned. Why is this word important? How does this word relate to the characters, major themes, or story line?
Length: 50-100 words.
Part 3. Critical Thinking Question.
Read the article “Have you heard? It's in the genes” by Tim Radford in The Guardian: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
on nature vs nurture. In reference to the Walls family, do you think it is nature or nurture that made the Walls children so resilient and resourceful? Please give your opinion; in addition, give examples and reasons why from the text.
Length: 150-200 words
Points 20