The syllabus has some words that we reviewed last class.
Here is what we reviewed.
Go to quizlet to check that you can match the word to its definition.

Genre; type of literature
Inference; what I know you mean even though you do not actually say it
Inference is related to; infer
parts of speech; verb, noun,
Infer is a verb; inference is a noun
These are verbs; Annotate, summarize, outline
Words per Minute (WPM); the number of words I read in a minute, which is usually based on computing the average rate over a few minutes
To summarize; to say something in your own words, but in a shorter way
Examples of suffixes and prefixes; -ial, -ence, pre-
To annotate; to write some notes on a document
Confidential information; information that we share with each other but no one else
Spring Break 2018; March 12 to March 18
Diagnostic test; a test that looks at someone's current state;
Final exam; Thursday, May 10th during class
If missing class is absolutely unavoidable, please notify me by e-mail; before class.