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The main idea is found in the last sentence, in paragraph XIII .

The author will continue to engage in "risky" climbing whether or not his sponsor continues to back him. He has been sponsored by Clif Bar for the last four of seven years that he has been climbing without safety precautions, such as a rope, gear, or partner. Clif Bar recently terminated its sponsorship of five climbers, including the author, Alex Honnoldnov.

Mr. Honnoldnov feels that "risky" climbing draws public interest, which is what the sponsors want. Many of his fans agree. Mr. Honnoldnov does not agree that what he does is too risky to sponsor, and concedes their point of view not to assume unnecessary risks. However, he feels that the decision to assume risk is his alone and is surprised that the sponsor is in essence directing his climbing "artistry" and "freedom." He quotes a colleague to bolster his point that it's important to have extreme sports because they add to diversity. He chastises Clif Bar for not having what it takes to face risk without "freaking out."